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Become a Member Chique Events

Chique Events membership provides privileged access to our own public and invitation only events.

Attend the most palatial locations, dine on exquisite cuisine and enjoy Australia's paramount entertainment.

For each event, Chique secure private rates for plush hotels and extravagant stretch limousines. How much you choose to indulge is completely up to you.

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Memberships Application

I hereby apply for membership of the Chique Productions Pty Ltd club.

Nomination support

In order to ensure quick processing of your application, it is ideal to have your application supported by an existing member. This is not mandatory, however, given the demand of Chique Memberships by providing nomination support, your application will be processed as a priority.

Existing member support. 1

Existing member support. 2

Events of interest

By completing the below details, you can be assured to be included in any upcoming events, and Chique will only provide you with the information that you are interested in.

Private members only events

Sporting events

Performing arts


Priority Entry and Discounts

Membership application disclaimer

Declaration I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge, the information provided on this application is true and correct. I agree to be bound by and comply with the Terms & Conditions and the behavioural protocols which are available to successful members at:

I agree to the Terms & Conditions
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