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Attend the most palatial locations, dine on exquisite cuisine and enjoy Australia's paramount entertainment.

For each event, Chique secure private rates for plush hotels and extravagant stretch limousines. How much you choose to indulge is completely up to you.

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Corporate events

Indoors or outdoors, your corporate event makes a distinctive brand statement. Chique Events keep that foremost in mind when planning a corporate event. We know that value for money and top shelf results are essential. And we make that our promise. From huge product launches to conferences, VIP functions and client dining experiences, Chique Events apply the insightful devotion that makes us:

  • world standard major event specialists, and
  • industry leading creative event designers.


Corporate Services

Amongst our extensive variety of corporate event services are:

  • Engaging awards ceremonies
  • Haute couture and fashion shows
  • Unforgettable venue openings
  • Enjoyable charity fundraising events
  • International sporting events
  • National and touring artist concerts
  • Extraordinary music events
  • Local government outdoor events
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