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About Chique Chique Events

Chique Events membership provides privileged access to our own public and invitation only events.

Attend the most palatial locations, dine on exquisite cuisine and enjoy Australia's paramount entertainment.

For each event, Chique secure private rates for plush hotels and extravagant stretch limousines. How much you choose to indulge is completely up to you.

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Chique Events

Chique Events focus on exclusive corporate and major events.

Our fresh young company boasts a team with the superior planning skills and bold new ideas to make your event splendidly memorable. We create innovative themes, secure exquisite locations, serve sumptuous food and attract outstanding entertainment.

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About Chique

Chique brings your event to fruition with confident, capable organisation, harmonising every aspect to provide a seamless flow of activity. There are no unexpected surprises, in the program or account. That’s because Chique Events also provide all-in costing from the very beginning.

Each event has a life of its own, from its original concept to stylish venue. Whether yours is a grand celebration or lavish festival, Chique promotional capability achieves early sell-out to make your events the most desirable and sought after on the calendar.


For every occasion

  • Major events
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Fashion shows
  • Venue openings
  • Product launches
  • Charity and fundraising events
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences
  • Sporting events
  • Music events
  • Concerts
  • Political / Government events
  • Local council outdoor events
  • After parties
  • VIP events
  • Modelling shows
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